Are you passionate about the promotion of low key musicians? I hasten to say indie music because immediate tags are assimilated, and the last thing anyone wants is to be put in a box. But tell me, do you ever get that aggravated feeling after attending a low-key gig, that the room should have been packed, and question why tonight wasn’t a sold-out gig? How are these virtually unknown, and then there’s that absolute rubbish churned by X , Y and Z reaching a larger demographic?

At tonight’s gig there was this omnipresent passion amongst us wanting to change this, that became personified, it’s life has found itself in the form of an online (with print potential) magazine: Spiral

We are looking for writers with an eclectic taste in alternative signed/un-signed/ virtually unknown music.

You must be willing to write with a passion for, and interest in, promoting musicians, and be flexible in reviewing gigs, albums and interviewing musicians.

  • Please note this is an unpaid position.
  • Contact Rachael at: editor (dot) spiral (at) gmail (dot) com

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