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Ten Fé

It’s only a matter of time become this London-based five-piece attain mainstream success! The singer-songwriter busking duo Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan are joined with mates Rob (bassist) Johnny (keyboardist) and Alex (drummer) hail from London and Birmingham. We have been following these legends for little over a year, and seen their 2017 debut ‘Hit The Light’ reach a wider audience, connecting deeply with, from touring extensively around, America. Many bands promise, create this hype and fade; very few stand true to themselves and are content from standing devoid from ‘coolness’ and ‘scenes’. Ten Fé, however remain timeless. With two very distinctly different lead singer-songwriters these have grown from a busking duo to a five-piece band that have just recorded their second album in Norway and are currently rehearsing their new deep and upbeat songs every night in bunker below Oxford Circus!

When: Prince Albert, 11:15pm Saturday  


Breathe Panel

Fun fact of the day: our very own Will Steadman once briefly shared a house with Nick, singer from Brighton’s Breathe Panel. Apparently, Nick is a thoroughly nice bloke and so laid back he’s almost permanently horizontal. We narrowly missed them at last year’s Great Escape so we can’t wait to lose ourselves in their shimmering shoegaze on a Saturday afternoon. Check out that urgent drum intro on Carmine…so good.

When: One Church, 2:15pm Saturday


Fontaines D.C

Everything about this garage-rock band garnered our attention, never mind BBC 6Music’s Steve Lamacq of September last – what with their colloquial rock’n’roll, swaggering punk and strong (and gorgeous) Dublin accent. The quintet bonded over mutual love of poetry and artists, very much inspired by the spirit of The Pogues, their words are rooted in the society/politics that is influenced from pub talk and poetry. Frontman Grain Chatten’s spoken vocals and unassuming poetic delivering channels Mark E.Smith – insistent and connecting – what’s not love!

When: Prince Albert, 2pm Thursday 

Joshua Burnside

Rising out of Belfast’s burgeoning music scene, Joshua Burnside is taking the UK and Ireland by storm. Powerful and poignantly poetic, his music ebbs and flows with the echoes of folk’s anti-heroes. 2017’s Blood Drive takes you on a wonderfully soothing journey…reminiscent of a train chugging slowly through a distant meadow. Black Dog Sin on the other hand, engulfs you in a pounding microcosm of light and dark. And EPHRATA is just sublime. He has talent leaking out his ears and you’ve two chances to see him, so there’s no excuse!

When: Old Courtroom 9:15pm Thursday; Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 1:30pm Friday

Durand Jones and the Indications

Durand Jones and the Indications are bursting at the seams with soul – musicians that definitely wear their heart on their sleeves. The saxophones, trumpet, guitar and drums collectively combine, enhancing their natural gift! Some of our favourite songs are ‘Make a Change’ with relatable lyrics and a sound you can’t help but move with. ‘Is it any wonder’ delivered vocally by the drummer, is a stand out! A classic song, almost throw back 1950’s. In fact, their sound is reminiscent of the late Sharon Jones and Charles Bradley; Durand Jones and the Indications have taken over where their idols have left off. Soul music is here to stay!

When: Latest Music Bar, 11:15pm Thursday 

Boy Azooga 

You can hear The Beach Boys running strong with these Welsh lads, on the basis of their adventurous arrangements and strong melodies. The Cardiff-based outfit who emerged and signed to Heavenly Recordings towards the end of last year are already very much on the radar and are currently extensively touring the UK! A band who think in drums; the vice behind creating the ‘groove’ in their songs, the unwavering precision running through their hit single “Face Behind a Cigarette” is a psych-funk jam that runs deep…

When: Latest Music Bar, 12pm; Dr Martens Stage, 2pm; Patterns, 9:15pm Thursday


Rebecca Lucy Taylor emerged from Slow Club last year as Self-Esteem with killer track Your Wife, which we’ve had on repeat pretty much ever since. She writes, sings, strums and drums. To be honest we’re slightly in awe. A must-see.

When: Prince Albert 8:15pm Saturday


Nao has been on the scene for a while, an east Londoner with her album released in 2016.  Since then this undeniable talent has played shows around the world. She is gradually gaining the popularity she deserves. Having witnessed her top-notch songwriting skills and sublime soulful voice recently at London’s Village Underground, we can certainly agree how well her sound translates live, she can’t be missed!

When: Beach Club 10pm Friday 


‘Upbeat indie meets dirty pop from the north of England’. Sounds top notch to us. Catchy as hell, lush harmonies abound and some serious youthful energy. Their new track Too Good is, well…too good.

When: Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar 10:30pm Thursday; Komedia 3:15pm Saturday

The Tesky Brothers

Ready for our wild card? Well this old-school bunch of siblings from down under are it. Soulful magic, pure and simple. Pain and Misery is the first single from their debut album Half Mile Harvest and has had us in tears quite literally.

When: Komedia 2:10pm Thursday; Coalition 7:30pm Saturday

Blanco White 

The effortless depths this singer-songwriter attains through voice and guitar is entirely absorbing. Having started out as a solo project of Londoner Josh Edwards in 2014 ahead of learning classical guitar in Spain. You can only begin to imagine the chills down your spine as the beautiful blends of Andalusian and Latin American guitar tones are twinned with the string textures and enriched by the haunting vocals. This quickly-rising star is signed to Yucatan Records.

When: Unitarian Church, 10:30pm Thursday 


With guitar riffs crunchier and tastier than Kellogg’s nuttiest cereal Zuzu ooze confidence and swagger. Originally from Liverpool and now based in London this female-fronted four piece are apparently obsessed with Courtney Barnett, which we can kind of understand to be honest.

When: Marine Room (Harbour Hotel) 8.15pm Saturday


Carmody, a very talented artist hailing from London has strong vocals and simple, yet beautiful guitar arrangements. She has collaborated with Tom Misch, going on to produce great songs, ‘Release You’ and ‘The Last Song’ are just a two examples of their work together. ‘Skin’ is a recent hit single showcasing Carmody’s varying vocal range and backing synthesiser, whilst ‘Before You Knew Me’ is our firm favourite, with infectious rhythms and mesmerising vocals. Festival fresh with a new album (released 29/04/18) Carmody is one to watch!

When: One Church, 10:15pm Saturday 


We can’t get enough of this South London duo effervescent blend of R’n’B, electro-pop and dancehall, summer perfect, let alone festival perfect! The upbeat sound of ‘Howling’ which is also the name if their EP is a perfect festival song as is ‘Pride’. It won’t be long until these are a household name. The fun loving dance tune ‘My Yute’ with a dancehall infusion is another stand out, seriously, it won’t be long until popular recognition!

When: Beach House, 6:30pm Saturday 

Aine Cahill

Just wait until you hear this Irish singer-songwriter’s darkly mesmerising vocals live – a cross between Lana Del Ray and Lorde! Hailing from County Cavan, Ireland, this diva draws on her love of 50s jazz and her contemporaries, bringing to the table classics of her own making, check out the sublime singles: “Plastic” and “Blood Diamonds”.

When: The Hope and Ruin, 8:45pm Thursday


With a 2015 album aptly named The Great Escape, we think this singer songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia will go down a treat at TGE18. Blending simple folk with sophisticated pop to create music which reflect his roots in rural Canada, Devarrow (Graham Ereaux) has a powerful and distinctive voice.

When: Green Door Store 1:30pm Friday; Latest Music Bar 12:15am Friday

Riley Pearce

We interviewed this Singer-Songwriter who was, at the time (Septemeber 2017) a hotly tipped artist in his home country of Australia – we knew then it was only a matter of time until he would become big over here! Pearce measures his true success through the people he is able to reach and their connection to his music as we discussed; busking plays a huge role, as much, if not more, than maintaining a digital presence to both gain new followers of his music and push him on creatively.

When: Komedia Studio Bar, 1:30pm, One Church 9:30pm Thursday 

Jealous of the Birds 

Jealous of the birds, a.k.a Naomi Hamilton, also hails from Northern Ireland and has gone through a bit of transformation visually and musically since we last saw her live in November 2016; coming into her own as a credible force in alternative folk. We loved her debut album Parma Violets. Go bask in her understated glory.

When: Bau Wow 9:15pm Thursday; Jubilee Square 2:00pm Friday


Singer/guitarist Shauna Tohill and vocalising beat-maker Collette Williams make up Rews, who clearly aren’t afraid of cranking the amp up to 11.  This duo gives Royal Blood a run for their money. Bring ear plugs.

When: Beach House 9:15pm Friday


Intelligent, infectious indie-pop. What’s not to like? Dance and sing the night away to London four-piece Teleman and you’ll go to bed happy (that’s if you go to bed at all). Are they a bit like MGMT? Yes. Are they better? Probably.

When: Paganini Ballroom (The Old Ship) 11:15pm Saturday


These pop legends have a real edge, catchy and wry with an individual experimental approach. Distinctive electro-pop is the vibrant backdrop to front woman Orono’s angsty deadpan delivery. The international eight-piece, from all corners of the world, met in New Zealand, before moving over to London to form their collective. Their first single: ‘Something For Your Mind’ had them signed to Domino within months – no one can get enough of their technicolour pop paradise right now!

When: The Old Market, 10:15pm Friday 

Writers: Rachael Crabtree (@ECCENTRIC_EEJIT) Will Steadman: (@STEADMAN_WILL) And Elizabeth Andrade (@LIZZYYEA)


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