Acid Baby Jesus Interview // Introducing

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Greek Garage-Psych-Rockers, Acid Baby Jesus

There’s an incredible feeling you get when you discover new music – one minute we complain about the amount of time wasted on social media but within the same instant a new band via Instagram, promoted by the venue you follow hits you and suddenly their post spirals into a subsequent listen to this promising band. It’s the very moment you tune in, and it’s instant love that the time spent on your phone can be forgiven; you’ve discovered an absolute gem and the world is suddenly so much better. Even better when said band are on a European/UK tour – performing today in Brighton (for you lucky few) Falmouth on Monday and Wednesday for us London folk! Let me introduce you to Acid Baby Jesus, one of the best new bands out there, alongside Ten Fé (naturally) – who we love over here at Spiral – line for line can now be recited of ‘Hit The Light’ and yet their album just keeps on giving!

Despite Acid Baby Jesus’s busy touring schedule, we very fortunately managed to catch up with their drummer, Marko, to gain a glimpse into their band ahead of their UK tour!

Can you introduce us to your music, we’re loving the psychedelic 60’s vibes coming through: Love has Left my House Today, feels almost throwback yet so completely fresh and different, how long have we been missing out on your music is really the question at stake here?

We’ve been a band since 2009, so we’ve been playing for 8 years. About our sound, we could say there’s a lot of referencing going on in modern music because it’s the first time a whole generation grows up with all the history of recorded music at our disposal. Also rock ‘n’ roll as an art form has strong roots in certain traditions and sounds. We try to continue on that path while bringing our own sensibilities in it.

So you’re from Athens, Greece, what is the music scene like back home?

It’s very active with a lot of bands and musicians from inside and outside the country moving there and doing their thing. Lately many bands have started touring more, which works wonders to get local music heard outside the country.

Very fortunately we stumbled across your music midst your European/UK Tour, and can’t wait to catch your London gig in a few days time! There’s so many small venues over here in the UK closing down rapidly, those that are left, are on the brink of survival. These venues are momentous to bands starting out, this is where they cut their teeth. Would you say there’s a decent gig circuit in Athens?

Not really. But it’s getting more alive. There used to be lots of small independent venues, but most got shut down in recent years. Now it’s picking up and things are looking better, with more things happening all around.

Really looking forward to your upcoming ‘Lilac Days’ LP can you give us a quick low down on your inspiration, any strong literary influences in the mix, and your favourite track off the album, and why?

It’s a mix of our personalities and tastes that gives our music its sound. We all have lots of musical and artistic influences that we combine in one direction that pushes and shapes our songs. Personal favorite could maybe be Love Has Left My House Today, just because it worked when we didn’t expect it to.

Lilac Days is out 29th September on Fuzz Club Records, details here

We recommend that you get yourselves down to Sticky Mikes (Tickets here) tonight (10/09) or you’ll regret it, if you can’t make it come join us at The Victoria, London, Wednesday (13/09)…Tickets here!

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