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At the stroke of midnight we were on countdown in the gardens of Wagner Hall, kicking back in the bar, preparing ourselves for our beach bound venture to Ten Fé, a band who one of the team hasn’t stopped rating since their recent sublime Hackney show. Since checking them out myself, they’ve literally been SoundClouding my life, so as you can imagine, I was fair to excited to catch them live.

DSCF0036newHitting the seafront at 1am, we bumped into the most friendliest drunks you could meet. It was at the point we mentioned “The Arch” to the flyer lady who attempted convincing us that Coalition was the place tonight for wristband holders to gain half price drinks the Swiss chap to much delight chanted “Yes, Ten Fé, Ten Fé!!” We were in mirrored excitement and between us, it felt so good to share this band love. As one friend apologised for the other’s drunkenness, the other began singing along to ‘Elodie’ as the accompanying YouTube video started…“So we’ll see you later, we’re just helping the lady hand out the leaflets”. We sadly never spotted them again, although we had an inkling they made it into the gig – as I filmed Ten Fé’s performance of ‘Elodie’ we could see Ben smiling as he sang: “…singing the lines that were meant for me”. There was so much love tonight amongst us in the tightly packed beach alcove, for a band very much on the rise, owing to the recent release of their stunning debut: ‘Hit The Light’ (February 2017).




Possessing refreshing confidence without pretence and bravado and a sound that sites references from The Cure through to The War On Drugs whilst retaining that one of a kind sublimity achieved from the unique combination in having two very strong, and different, dual lead singer-songwriters, Leo Duncan and Ben Moorhouse, Ten Fé were all in all as engaging to watch, as to listen to; effortless guitar playing, expansive and harmonised vocals inhabiting an otherworldliness of high energy drama and contrasting poignant lyrics.

Often, when you build yourself up to see a band you almost lead yourself to a bit of a downfall for when that moment finally comes around, but I would be as bold to say Ten Fé were the band of the festival!

Despite delivering at least half their record, and it nearly hitting 3am, we were pumped for more; their high energy was palpable. But as we know, The Great Escape only permits a short lived showcase of each artist, providing no room for encores, so until next time, we’ll just be soaking up their LP: ‘Hit The Light’.

Discover our full photo gallery of Ten Fé via our Instagram: @spiral_magazine

In attempt to capture ‘Elodie’, here’s a video for you to enjoy/share, the sound isn’t as sharp because of my camera, but as you can see, these are exceptional live – go check them out this summer!

Ten Fé // Website //  Twitter // Facebook

Words and photography: Rachael Crabtree (@eccentric_eejit)


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