Bishop Briggs // Live Review // Hoxton Courtyard Theatre

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Bishop Briggs at Hoxton Courtyard Theatre 13/09/16 (Photographer: Elizabeth Andrade)

Having been greatly impressed by newcomer, Bishop Briggs at this years Great Escape Festival, Brighton, I since anticipated her return to the UK. Tonight, mirrored her amazing showcase back in May; Bishop’s energy and passion was palpable; the performer to audience synchronised call and response through the sweat felt incredible to be part of, here in Hoxton’s Courtyard Theatre. I, nor anyone else, could contain our excitement to be here, and neither could the effervescent Bishop herself, bouncing about the sticky sweaty stage: “It feels amazing to be here in London tonight. It’s so sweaty, but I love it!” (Screaming and stamping her feet).

A special mention goes to Bishop’s support tonight: Arrow Benjamin. Despite having sadly missed the first act of the night, my spirits were lifted by the arrival of Benjamin who gave a warm soulful opening that was only too short lived; I cannot wait to see a headlining set of his own. Highlight tracks included ‘Running’ (Lose It All), a Naughty Boy track which the artist most recently lent his vocals to with Beyoncé and Arrow’s closing song, latest single: ‘We All Rise’.

Tonight’s sold-out old theatre was a fitting platform to frame Bishop Briggs strength of vocal range and electronic sound wall from her trio backing; drummer, bassist, keys/synth players. Opening with sass and prowess on: ‘The way I do’, personally one of my favourites, Bishop glided through her songs (a small and growing collection) from the newly released ‘Pray’ and ‘Mercy’ to the airplay track of the moment: ‘Wild Horses’. By the arrival of the finale: ’River’ we were longing for more.

It has been incredible watching Bishop Briggs’ growth. Her confidence has certainly developed, perhaps helped by an increased following in succession of relentless touring of Europe and the US, most recently in support of Coldplay’s arena tour. From first listen, I was hooked on Bishop Briggs, it’s only a matter of time before the artist will be on everyone’s radar.

Writer: Elizabeth Andrade: @LizzyyEA

Bishop Briggs:



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