The Great Escape Artist to Watch // Bishop Briggs

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(Photographer: Elizabeth Andrade)

Excited by the prospect of hearing new music, I volunteered. Volunteering at the Great Escape Festival was an amazing opportunity to see so many up and coming bands, most of which I had never heard of and wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

One such artist was Bishop Briggs. I found myself in the Arch having been nearby for another gig, navigated by the Great Escape app, I was pleasantly surprised.

An artist of incredibly infectious eclectic electro-pop; I found myself unintentionally moving to the music. Everyone around me was similarly hypnotised. Each of the tracks flowed effortlessly, from ‘Wild Horses’ to ‘Hollow’ to ‘Dead Man’s Arm’s’ finishing with ‘River’. The style, eclectic, occasionally accompanied by electric guitar but always punctuated by electronic, synthy elements, and strong soulful vocals.

Originally known as Bishop, but due to a conflict with another band they had to change their name to Bishop Briggs. Having grown up in Japan, Hong Kong and now living in LA, must have shaped this unique sound.

With only three singles released to date, I cannot wait to buy the album, hopefully it’ll be with us soon…This autumn Briggs opens for Coldplay; it won’t be long until this artist is huge!

Writer: Elizabeth Andrade: @LizzyyEA

We captured a glimmer of the set for you…





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