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(Image; Field Studies; ‘Rainmaking’ EP Artwork)

Field Studies: ‘Rainmaking’ has this wonderful sense of calm, but not quite ease, instead your mind is racing, unnerved, but at once, in a place somewhere peaceful.

From the opening track: ‘Hushed Up’ the warm distorted introduction pairs with soft, near quivering vocals, developing to falsetto heights, alining with a fully developed garage-rock backdrop. Persisting in a lingering sense of foreboding throughout the record, the vocals are almost chained to a past, throughout longing, yearning, to return to a distant memory that haunts.

The second track: ‘Listener’ hones in on Field Studies quiet quality; distant, but suddenly heavy, atmospheric, then immediate, paving way for the EP’s highlight: ‘Crook’. Psychedelic raw textures of affected guitars and echoed vocals blend with the constantly alternating tempo; fluctuating chiaroscuro; constant light to darkness mirroring a mind tormented, goaded by the past, living in a tainted present, lingering to an uncertain future.

From opening to closure of this record there is a sense of completeness, each track one poetic lead. Drawing to the lyrical finale of the last track ‘Verbatim’: “When I grow old, you come and beckon me back…Author of my head, pull me back, both feet dragging the dirt…”. The minor piano melody twinned with the cries of distant voices, as though Sirens in the ocean, calling out, questioning the narrators next move…

Rainmaking’ is an ambitious atmospheric piece of art worth checking out, it was released on 27/05/16 via Denizen Recordings:




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