Musician of the Week // Introducing // Jesse Mac Cormack


Jesse Mac Cormack; Joannie Grenier

Since discovering Canadian Singer-Songwriter, Jesse Mac Cormack on this year’s Great Escape’s list of acts, (albeit too late sadly), ‘After the Glow’ has taken root in my mind, playing out as a filmic backdrop. There is something tragically romantic, both lyrically and acoustically that very quickly takes hold of you. This bluesy warmth of voice reaches out, like an actor baring his heart on the stage with a foreshadowing monologue: “Something’s going to kill us. No, nothing’s going to save us”.

With a percussive staccato beat mirroring the movement of a clock hand, the gentle melancholia becomes accentuated and pent upon time and death: “Coming from the inside, nothing we could fight or deny…growing slowly for a while. Slowly it will die”. This minimalist multi-instrumental and yet melodramatic undertone of Mac Cormack’s songwriting is prevalent across his material.

Something special can only come from his live performance, which I cannot wait to see tonight (24/05/16) at The Shacklewell Arms.

‘After the Glow’ was released 16/02/16 on Secret City Records.





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