Emerging Artists Fund Showcase // Live Review // Telegram and The Pearl Harts // The Lexington

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(The Pearl Harts and Telegram at The Lexington; Photographer: Tom Foxon)

Help Musicians UK and PledgeMusic celebrated their Emerging Artists Fund 2015 with a fantastic showcase at The Lexington, London, last Tuesday (10/05/16).

I caught the second half and could barely squeeze in the door it was so crowded. Pearl Harts and Telegram were left to take to the stage. It has to be said that Pearl Harts, a grunge-girl-punk duo, have a really empowering stage presence. Their negotiation between vocal and instrumental beck and call demonstrated how well they understood each other and their audience. With a husky quasi-Stevie Nicks quality to the front woman’s voice and percussive similarity to be had with Deap Valley, these were a treat.

Telegram were a riot of a headliner. Without question, these are very much a live band, effusing this effortless raw edge of the 70’s. There was a familiarity, instantly warming. I smiled, realising I could hear my Dad’s Records coming through. With a slight reminiscence of Magazine to them, particularly held between ‘Shot by Both Sides’ and their track: ‘Aeons’. All the while, the frontman’s distinctly Welsh vocals paired with the distortion heavy guitars stand them apart. At times, they almost border on the contemporary shoegaziness of Toy and psychedelia of Temples, but there is definitely more straight-up punkiness to them. A band best experienced in an intimate venue to really cage and frame their raucous sound-wall.

Be sure to get down early for their show at The Latest Bar, Brighton tonight (20/05/16) as part of  The Great Escape 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/telegramband
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teletelegramgram

Pearl Harts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepearlharts
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePearlHarts/


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