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Flyte Chasing Heaven

(Image; Chasing Heaven Poster; Demii Whiffin)

(Photographer: Elizabeth Andrade)

From the outside, Moth Club, an old military meeting house, is the most inconspicuous of gig venues. Once inside, you are treated to a golden glitter coated ceiling, and accompanying gold tinselled stage. It had a real school dancehall feel, brimmed with a shinning crowd prepared for the stunning newcomers, Glass, who I couldn’t recommend enough to go and check out live. Seriously, Jessica Winter, is a front woman with so much character, an effervescent quality that parallels Kate Bush. Hidden behind the side of the stage’s window box stepping out in guise towards her partner bass and synth player, Scott Remington. The pair had such a strong persona, jumping off into the crowd handing us the microphone on occasion. The dynamism between the duo was dark mesmerising symmetry. We were all enchanted by this incredible theatrical element, each track marrying one another simultaneously building to an incredible crescendo, as Jessica dramatically fell to a finale on the floor. I think we half expected Jessica to the carried off over the shoulders by her partner through the crowds.

With that, Screaming Peaches entered from the left who had to hand it to Glass for such an awestruck intro, meeting the applause of us all. All kitted out in matching 70’s white polo shirts and high-waisted jeans the five-piece brimmed with a contagious energy, connecting so well between songs with the audience. Their jangly affected guitars and upbeat set-list ricocheted through the raucous crowd back to the band. And by the time they drew their set to a close with the night’s highlight; ‘Sad Kid’ we were left desiring that very cliched ‘encore’ as they bowed their exit. It nearly felt as though the chap beside me was going to jump up and hug them.

As you can imagine when headliners Flyte arrived, the room was rearing to go. As the crushing crowds swept towards the stage, Will was stolen by the tides, sweeping off the stage stumbling into the front of the crowd and goaded by the sheer magic of the masses right to the back of the hall. He was taken mid-set to the middle of the room, performing a mixture of classics awash with the new. An insight any budding fan would be kicking themselves today to have missed out on. So in advance to their LP, prepare to be overwhelmed by an array of tracks such as the vibrant: ‘Great Escape’ feeling at times, very much a twin to Talking Heads’ ‘This Must Be The Place’. Beautiful, I know. Other highlights of the night included the timeless ballad: Faithless’ and prog-rock ‘Spiral’. But the one epitomising their strength of vocals was nailed by their rendition of Arcade Fire’s ‘Sprawl’. Introducing the track as: “the song we played in the tunnel recently” to which everyone cheered, knowing the mesmerising acapella to come. “It might not work, but we’re going to try our best” jested Will. Naturally, it ran smooth. Well, for a band that as Will later shared with us, hadn’t rehearsed in over two weeks and played the night by ear, these were naturals.

Flyte’s Club Night: Chasing Heaven, from September onwards will run on a monthly basis at the Moth Club, Hackney.


JUST ADDED! – Our (very) short collage of three of Flyte’s songs!


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