Musician of the week // Introducing // Jack O’Rourke


Jack O'Rourke

Image; Jack O’Rourke

My week has been made with the re-discovery of a musician I heard whilst in Dublin the other week; Cork Singer-Songwriter; Jack O’Rourke. This stunning deep voice spoke to me from the car’s stereo. Withheld in a daydream, standing there in front of this pianist, I scribbled down his name and song on a Dart ticket to hand, only to find yesterday.

O’Rourke’s lyrics moves you by it’s conviction and sincerity on ‘Silence’.  The line: “His real persona is in coma, love’s left on the shelf” took another turn on a re-listen. Emotive as it was in the car, but having since discovered it was the song for Amnesty International’s Yes Campaign for Ireland’s Marriage Referendum, it definitely threw a new light on his piano keys. A singer-songwriter that is aware singing from the heart is where he shines.

The songs are timeless, graceful pieces of poetry that draw symmetry with the lines of Rufus Wainwright and Sufjan Stephens. There is soul and theatricality that comes from the voice alone, and when complemented by the piano, he becomes altogether mesmerising. An artist that you will no doubt remember after today.

Check out Jack O’Rourke’s latest single: ‘Dreamcatcher’, released 28/04/16.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Dublin, this Friday (06/05/16) you can see him live at The Academy.

Jack O’Rourke: Twitter // Facebook // YouTube


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